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Talking About What You Eat



When experiencing hunger, people often do not consider the impact that the food they choose can have on their bodies.  This book provides the framework for examining a healthy diet by beginning to explore whether the food they choose is providing the best source of energy and nutrients for their body.

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

This resource book is appropriate for students in grades K-3.  As part of a comprehensive unit on health and nutrition, educators may choose to use this book to help students understand the important choice of what foods to eat, and to better understand where their food comes from.  Students may explore the dangers of pesticide use in foods and the benefits of organic produce. 

Relevant Curriculum Units

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Themes Addressed

Food & Agriculture (3)

  • Local Food
  • Organic Farming
  • Pesticides

Human Health & Environment (2)

  • Health Promotion
  • Quality of Life