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The Resources for Rethinking database was created in 2006 by Learning for a Sustainable Future to encourage teachers and students to explore sustainable development themes and concepts in their classrooms.  Today, “” can immediately connect teachers to more than one thousand classroom-ready resources that examine the environmental, social and economic aspects of important issues in our world today through action-oriented, interdisciplinary learning.  There is no charge to access the inventory and a majority of the materials it offers can be downloaded for free.

To be included in the database resources must meet stringent sustainability and pedagogical criteria recommended in the research on teaching and learning.  Current emphasis is being placed on identifying classroom materials that promote action projects through which students can effect positive change within their communities. 

Each resource included in the database has been reviewed by an experienced classroom practitioner and matched specifically to relevant curriculum outcomes in all provinces and territories.   This crucial feature allows teachers from across Canada to search for relevant ESD materials by province, grade, subject and theme and to address through a sustainable development lens many of the topics and concepts they are currently responsible for teaching. 

The review tool used by our team of reviewers to identify and select resources is described below.

*Some principles are not relevant to resources for very young learners

Review Tool Summary

Resource Types

What kind of resources are available? 

Issues & Themes

What sustainability issues does the resource explore?

Curriculum Matches

How does the resource relate to curriculum objectives in each of the provinces and territories in Canada?

Sustainability Principles

How well does the resource promote the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and practices essential for building ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable communities?

Pedagogical Approaches

How well does the resource foster learning that is active, relevant, and interdisciplinary? arrow_1.JPG

General Assessment

From a "big picture" perspective, what are the resource's strengths and weaknesses?

Download a PDF copy of the full review tool