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What’s your vision for a better Canada? What are you doing to make it come true? Share your story today.

The Our Canada Project (OCP) website features an interactive map where students can pin their actions or action projects, including pictures and text. OCP can be used to document an entire project – from class vision and action plan, to pictures, progress updates and sharing success.

OCP was the brain child of a diverse group of 22 youth from across Canada. These youth were brought together for 48 hours to figure out how to inspire all youth from every area in Canada to be more responsible citizens. The answer: give youth a chance to share their voice and they will take action. And so, the Our Canada Project was born.

OCP can be used to share with all Canadians the work you and your students are doing, big or small, individually or collectively, to make Canada a better place.

Got to Our Canada Project!


On October 15th, 2012, Learning for a Sustainable Future hosted a Youth Rountable in Toronto, which was attended by 22 delegates from across Canada. The session was co-hosted with Deloitte. The purpose of the session was to engage youth in conversations about responsible citizenship, and how best to inspire all Canadians to take action toward a more sustainable Canada.

The delegates designed an innovative call to action in the form of an online sharing platform titled the Our Canada Project. This new project was launched at the What's Worth Knowing: Educating for Responsible Citizenship Symposium on Monday, May 13th, 2013 in Toronto. The Our Canada Project encourages all Canadians to engage in "conversations about the future" and actions that model responsible citizenship. 

Through the Our Canada Project, Canadians are invited to upload and share with others their vision for a sustainable Canada and the actions they will take, or have taken, to bring Canada closer to their vision. All individuals, schools and school groups, and organizations, are invited to join the Our Canada Project! The format for submissions involves their Identity, Vision, and Action (including multimedia uploads) for Our Canada.

Learn more about the Our Canada Project and post your project today!