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Rethinking and Transforming Learning through Professional Inquiry


This site supports educators who are actively rethinking their practice and evolving how they are applying their understanding of learning. It is intended as a support for educators who have taken an LSF professional inquiry institute or are in the process of preparing for one.  

As educators we have great responsibility to facilitate learning experiences based on current understanding of how people learn best. That understanding is always evolving and hence our careers involve constant professional learning and application. This web resource supports educators who are working to evolve their practice from conventional teaching to transformative learning.

Your participation here indicates that you are part of the early adopter educator community taking on the challenge of applying what we know to help each individual  learner to achieve what they want to be and can be, and to help prepare our society to address the extreme social, economic and environmental challenges we currently face.

Through professional inquiry we can draw on our collective integrity to evolve learning practice by challenging and supporting ourselves and our colleagues.   Professional inquiry calls on us to:

  • identify our own questions and pursue their answers
  • learn with colleagues through group knowledge building
  • document the learning process and the results of our learning in order to enhance our learning.

As a result transformative professional learners are always:

  • questioning their understanding of the learning processes and the practices they are employing
  • engaging with colleagues to participate in knowledge building through respectful dialogue
  • recording and reflecting their thoughts and questions and sharing these insights with  colleagues

In this way we bring greater integrity to our work by practicing the learning methods that we wish to apply with our students.  In so doing we advance our learning methodologies to more closely align with preparing learners for their role as citizenship in a more robust democracy.

This section of the R4R site contains the following:

  1. Preparing for a Professional Inquiry Institute
  2. Inspirational Examples of Transformative Learning
  3. Issues and Challenges Educators Applying Inquiry and Other Transformative Strategies
  4. Understanding the change process
  5. Resources for Transformative Educators- Research and policy support for transformative learning
  6. Blog and discussions
  7. Educators Share Their Experiences Facilitating Transformative Learning

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