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What in the World is Happening to our Climate?



This storybook recounts the adventures of Anita and her friends, Simon and Denis, as they learn about climate change.  From their home in Boston to Greenland and the Maldives, the children learn of the impact of climate change on Earth with the help of Anita's dad, a scientist, and his friends. They explore the use of instruments to collect data as well as begin their own efforts with the help of their teacher once they return home.  Rich in vocabulary, this book explains the concepts related to climate change in easy to understand terms.

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

This book would be an excellent introduction to the topic of climate change for younger children.  Activities could include:

  • Measuring the snowfall with a snowboard, like in the story.
  • Collecting weather data for a period of time and comparing it to information available online for the area.
  • Completing the ice cube experiment on page 13 in order to clarify the difference between ice melt and glacier melt.
  • Completing a more in-depth research project on coral bleaching or another topic mentioned in the story.
  • Visiting the website to investigate other projects from around the world.
  • More activities and ideas are available at Climate Module 

Relevant Grades and Subjects

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Themes Addressed

  • Air, Atmosphere & Climate (3)

    • Climate Change
    • Ozone Depletion
    • Weather
  • Citizenship (1)

    • General Guide to Taking Action
  • Ecosystems (1)

    • Habitat Loss
  • Water (1)

    • Marine Environments