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Nibi's Water Song



Nibi's Water Song tells the story of a young Indigenous girl on the search for clean drinking water.  When clean water cannot be found in her home, she searches her community to no avail.  Even though she faces numerous challenges, Nibi does not relent and creates a movement in her community, and the country at large, for change. This book sends a message that even small actions can make a huge difference. 

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

Nibi's Water Song is wonderful story to teach students about perseverance and taking small actions to make a big difference.  It also can be an introduction to the struggles of Indigenous communities for the right to clean water.  This book is written at a level that young readers can easily understand. 

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Themes Addressed

Human Health & Environment (1)

  • Quality of Life

Water (2)

  • Water Quality
  • Water Treatment and Distribution