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Chakra the Invincible

Gender Equality

Elementary, Middle


This book explores the importance of gender equality using a comic book format. The authors bring their character Chakra the Invincible to teach children about the global goals! Chakra takes to the streets of Mumbai to teach children a lesson on gender equality and girls' empowerment.

Raju is a boy who lives in Mumbai, India, and when he puts on a special suit it activates the points in the body called “chakras”. This gives Raju amazing superpowers, turning him into Mumbai’s superhero protector — CHAKRA THE INVINCIBLE. Leela is Raju’s next door neighbor and friend. One day they are playing with a radioactive rock that causes them to switch minds - now Raju is in Leela’s body, and Leela is in Raju’s body. Raju  learns how differently Leela is treated at home and in the world.

Students will develop a deeper understanding of gender inequalities and the practice power of identification with others to understand the importance of gender equality and what can be done to encourage it in our own lives.

General Assessment

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This is an excellent resource to have students become aware of the issue of gender inequality present in our society. This comic book would be a great addition to a lesson on discrimination, inequality or gender issues. Excellent introduction to a discussion about the fundamental human rights of children while teaching them the importance of working together to reach gender equality.

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Themes Addressed

Human Rights (1)

  • Gender Equality