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Sustainability Principle


Biases Minimization

Presents as many different points of view as necessary to fairly address the issue(s).

Multiple Dimensions of Problems & Solutions

Effectively addresses multiple dimensions of problems and solutions. These should include the environmental, economic and social dimensions of the issue(s) being explored.

Respects Complexity

The complexity of problems is respected. A systems-thinking approach is encouraged.

Action Experience

Provides opportunities for authentic action experiences in which students can work to make positive change in their communities.

  • Poor = action activities poorly developed
  • Satisfactory = action opportunities are extensions instead of being integral to the main part of the activity

Action Skills

Explicitly teaches the skills needed for students to take effective action (e.g. letter-writing, consensus-building, etc.).

Empathy & Respect for Humans

Empathy and respect are fostered for diverse groups of humans (including ethnic groups, sexual preferences, different genders, etc.).

Personal Affinity with Earth

Actively encourages a personal affinity with non-humans and with Earth. For example, this may involve practical and respectful experiences out-of-doors.

Locally Focused

Encourages learning that is locally-focused/made concrete in some way and is relevant to the lives of the learners.

Past, Present & Future

Promotes an understanding of the past, a sense of the present, and a positive vision for the future.