Watershed Connection Guidebook



Watersheds are considered through five comprehensive modules that address knowledge, skills and action.  Focus is on watersheds of British Columbia.

  • Module 1, Watershed Works! explores how we define watersheds, the biological, geological and climatic conditions which influence and, in turn,are influenced by our watersheds, and the diversity of life within British Columbia's watersheds.
  • Module 2, Watersheds and Culture, investigates the relationships that exist between watersheds and human beings. From First Nations to early European explorers and settlers to present day inhabitants, the watersheds of British Columbia have shaped, and likewise been shaped by, human beings.
  • Module 3, Going Global, shares with us the big picture of watersheds - on a global scale. Using activities that focus on a different country, students will gain insight into other cultures and the different ways in which people globally interact with, rely on, and modify their own watersheds - and the potential repercussions of doing so.

  • Module 4, Watershed Worries, examines the challenges surrounding watersheds within British Columbia, such as polluted drinking water, disappearing habitat and deforestation, as well as viable solutions to these issues.
  • Module 5, Watershed Stewardship, teaches action skills and supports student action in their own communities on behalf of local watersheds.


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