Through Mala's Eyes

Secondary, Elementary, Middle


Through Mala's Eyes takes a look at the Inuit community and helps students understand and appreciate one of the diverse cultures that exist within Canada. This resource looks at the life of an Inuit community in northern Quebec, through the eyes of Mala, a twelve year old Inuk boy. Through his first person narratives, Mala provides interesting background information about life in his community.

 Students will:

  • engage students in reflecting about the diversity of Inuit cultures of Canada.
  • prepare a learning journal to collect information
  • explain the connection between the Inuit way of life and the animals in their environment
  • discover the various Inuit groups in the Arctic and where they are located
  • collect information to share and present to their peers
  • participate in activities that are intended to help build an appreciation of this diverse culture
  • learn and appreciate the strong traditions and unique

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