Quest for Clean Shorelines (Elementary/Middle)

Elementary, Middle


This comprehensive resource consisting of activities and lessons concerning watersheds and watershed pollution culminates in a half-day field activity during which students take steps to clean-up a local shoreline.  The activities build awareness of issues affecting the health of watersheds and prepare students to take on a stewardship role within their community.

Part A.  Getting Ready explores the distribution of water and its role as a vital substance.  Students are also introduced to local watershed issues and make preparations to undertake a shoreline/riparian zone clean-up.

Part B. Clean-Up/Audit- Students undertake the shoreline clean-up and complete an audit of the various pollutants they encounter.  Sculptures are made from the materials collected to capture the students’ wishes for positive change.

Part C.  Sharing the Learning- Students compile and display using graphs and charts, the results of their audits. They then focus on individual behaviors and actions that have positive and negative impacts on watersheds.

Part D. Extending the Learning offers students three related stewardship opportunities to contribute to positive change in their community.

The resource includes background information, field trip guidelines and suggestions for assessment.



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