OzonAction Education Pack for Secondary Schools: Sessions 1-4



The Ozonaction Education Pack provides a series of activities that will allow students to learn about the ozone layer, its depletion and possible actions to reduce the use of ozone-depleting substances (ODSs).  Students will also develop action plans for protecting both themselves and the ozone layer.

In Session 1, students explore what they already know about the ozone layer and its depletion. Students must also answer a series of open-ended questions regarding the effects of ozone depletion and how they think the damage we are causing can be reduced.

In Session 2, students complete 6 independent "missions" during which they learn the science behind the ozone issue. Once the 6 missions have been completed students revisit their answers to the questions from Session 1.

In Session 3, students complete 4 independent missions that discuss the health issues related to depleting ozone. The activities include developing a personal action plan to protect themselves against UV rays. Again, once students have completed the missions they revisit their responses to the Session 1 questions based on what they have learned.

In Session 4 students complete 4 more missions that include problem-solving exercises to explore the links between ozone depletion and climate change. The session ends with students developing a possible list of actions to prevent further ozone depletion.

This classroom resource includes two additional sessions that teachers might wish to explore.


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