OzonAction Education Pack

A Guide for Primary School Teachers



The ESD resource aims at educating students about the protective role of the ozone layer and the causes and consequences of its depletion. Through a variety of practical, hands-on activities students learn concrete and simple solutions to help protect the ozone layer and ways to safely enjoy the sun. The classroom activities teach students simple protection steps they can take to help reduce their UV health risks and from the harmful effects of the sun. Teachers can choose the activities amongst those suggested according to their time schedule and their teaching environment.


Some of the activities include:


  • using an UV meter to experiment and observe the presence of invisible UV rays and their intensity
  • learning to use the UV Index as an informational tool
  • brainstorming about human activities and common products that can be harmful to the ozone layer
  • writing a short text describing their town/village 50 years from now
  • evaluating the average time they spend in the sun per day
  • identifying the actions they can take to protect the ozone layer
  • looking for ozone-friendly products at the local market or at the grocers’ shop
  • learning how to communicate in a familiar environment on ozone layer depletion and preventive measures
  • talking about what can protect them from UV rays and learn about the sun protection rules
  • designing and creating a protective hat for a friendly competition

Each unit contains all the background information needed to implement the corresponding lesson as well as various teaching ideas/activities.  The Guide also proposes suggestions for setting an Ozone and Health Action Plan at school, aimed at student’s direct participation in a school project for collective and individual responsibility toward the ozone layer and health protection.



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