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Earth Day
April 22nd, 2024

It is expected that over 1 billion people worldwide will join what has become the largest environmental movement on the planet and participate in Earth Day events and activities. Since 1970, Earth Day organizers around the world have celebrated on April 22 by staging events and supporting projects that address important environmental issues.  This year’s theme, “Planet vs Plastics” will promote widespread awareness of the potential health risk of plastics, demand an end to fast fashion and push for strong regulations on plastics in our environment with the goal of a 60% reduction in plastic production by 2040.

Schools have played an increasingly significant role in Earth Day celebrations and it is hoped that every child will have the opportunity to take part in Earth Day activities. 

Why Celebrate Earth Day?

  • Earth Day draws attention to the planet and our dependence on it for survival.
  • Earth Day can raise awareness of key environmental problems that threaten the earth’s ability to support life.
  • Earth Day can highlight the importance of sustainable development and promote the necessary changes in human practice to achieve its results.
  • Earth Day can provide the motivation and opportunity for participants to take action to improve the environment in their local communities. 
  • Earth Day presents an excellent interdisciplinary theme for schools to celebrate. 
Why Focus on Plastics?
  • Plastics, especially microplastic are everywhere. They are in our air, our water, our food, our soils, in the deepest ocean and even on the highest mountains including Mt. Everest.
  • There is evidence microplastics bioaccumulate in our major organs including the brain
  • Microplastics have been detected in dairy milk, breast milk and the human placenta
  • Studies have shown that babies ingest more microplastics than adults
  • Plastic production already accounts for 3.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions & production continues to increase year over year


Resources 4 Rethinking encourages students and teachers to participate in Earth Day 2024. Top R4R Picks will connect you to some excellent resources to support these efforts.

For more information and activities, be sure to check out the Earth Day Canada website OR