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The True Cost of Food



In this animated video, a busy soccer mom learns the true cost of food purchased from a big 'box' store as opposed to the cost of buying locally-produced food.  Students are introduced to some of the environmental, economic and social impacts of 'factory farming'.  The key message of the benefits of sustainable food choices is delivered in two versions of this video-a long version (14:54 minutes) or shorter one (7:00 minutes). 

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

This video contains a lot of information.  It could be used as an introduction to a comprehensive study of sustainable food choices.  It could also be used as a springboard to a student investigation of the impacts of industrial farming.

Relevant Curriculum Units

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Themes Addressed

  • Food & Agriculture (4)

    • Conventional Farming
    • Local Food
    • Organic Farming
    • Pesticides