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The Trouble with Dragons



Everyone knows that dragons are not real but in this delightful story the fanciful creatures come to life and take over Earth.  Unfortunately the dragons are very irresponsible and as they cut down trees, blow hot air and toss garbage the world around them begins to suffer.  Faced with the environmental consequences of their bad behaviour, the dragons turn to the other animals who teach them how to tread lightly on the land.  The imagery and poetry of this book combine to create an enchanting reading experience while delivering a convincing message to young students about the role we all play in caring for our planet.

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

This book could be used to introduce young students to sustainability and conservation concepts related to science and social studies outcomes.  The class could identify the negative and positive environmental actions in the story and then create a student-led project that focuses on sustainable practices such as recycling, reducing energy use or promoting the value of wildlife habitat conservation within their community.

One of positive changes implemented by the dragons is to eat more local food.  Students could participate in a lunch box exploration where they research the journey of each food item from source to store to determine which products have the least environmental impact.  This information could form the basis of a school-wide "Green Lunch" day where teachers and students bring a noon meal that emphasizes  positive choices like local food and reusable containers.

Relevant Grades and Subjects

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Themes Addressed

  • Air, Atmosphere & Climate (2)

    • Climate Change
    • Ozone Depletion
  • Citizenship (1)

    • General Guide to Taking Action
  • Ecosystems (2)

    • Appreciating the Natural World
    • Habitat Loss
  • Food & Agriculture (1)

    • Local Food
  • Waste Management (1)

    • Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle