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Owl Moon



On a winter's night a young girl accompanies her father into the woods to go on an owling adventure.  She patiently waits as her father tries to attract a great-horned owl with his calls.  Just when the girl thinks she has had enough and is too cold and tired for any more owling she hears an owl calling back.  She forgets all about the cold as she is mesmerized by the beautiful sight of the owl in the tree above.  The spell is broken when the owl lifts off, silently flying into the night.  This wonderful tale of parent and child enjoying nature together ends warmly with a special moment between father and daughter as they make their way home.

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

This story encourages a deeper appreciation for our natural world thus the book would make an excellent read-aloud for any unit with a focus on nature.  To accompany the book students could listen to audio recordings of owls and learn to identify some of the more common species by sound.  The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology website has an extensive library of free photos and sound recordings which could be used for this purpose. 

The book would make an excellent starting point for an owl pellet dissection science project where students learn about the role of owls as predators in a food chain.

A special part of this story is the adult and child connecting in nature.  Students could write about their own nature experiences they have shared with a parent or other family member.

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Themes Addressed

Ecosystems (1)

  • Appreciating the Natural World

Land Use & Natural Resources (1)

  • Recreation