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Monarch Migration- Middle School

Elementary, Middle


The film is one in a series of videos included in the National Geographic teaching resource, Why Animals Migrate. The objectives of the resource are to have students explain why animals migrate, to organize factual information about migratory animals based on video and Internet research, and to compare and contrast migratory species.  This video features the monarch butterfly.

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

The resource might be used to support the grade 4 Science units on habitats or the grade 6 Science units on diversity of life and the grade 7 Science unit on interaction in ecosystems. If used with other resources that are part of National Geographic's Great Migration resource, students could undertake a cooperative learning exercise in which they compare and contrast the migration habits of various species.

If student investigation includes the loss of habitat that threaten the monarch population, the study may be enlarged to include those curriculum units dealing with human-environment interactions. 

Relevant Curriculum Units

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Themes Addressed

  • Ecosystems (2)

    • Appreciating the Natural World
    • Habitat Loss