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In this picture book a young bear observes how leaves change throughout the seasons.  The story begins with the young bear very puzzled about why the leaves are falling off the trees.  As he tries to stick the leaves back on, he becomes very sleepy and decides instead to make a nice cozy bed with the fallen leaves.  The bear sleeps all through the winter months until one day he wakes up to warm sunshine.  As happy as he is to see the sun, he is even more excited to see the new leaves growing back on the trees. 

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

This book encourages an appreciation for the seasons and would make an excellent introduction to a unit on this topic.   The book raises the question about why trees lose their leaves in the fall which students could explore more as they learn about seasons.  Students could also collect and press leaves and write a journal entry about their specimens.  Children could identify the different leaves by comparing their specimens to pictures in tree identification books.  This story also teaches students about hibernation and the book could be used as the focal point for a project about this topic.  Students could learn more about bear hibernation or find out what other Canadian animals hibernate. 

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    • Appreciating the Natural World