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The Earth is in trouble but high school senior Jack only cares about chicks, flicks and being the local football star.  Then on the very night that he breaks the school rushing record, Jack is thrust into an unthinkable new reality where his whole life falls apart.  Fleeing from murderous supernatural creatures, an exhausted Jack is ready to give up when a telepathic dog and ninja girl whisk him away to safety.  Realizing his destiny, Jack then embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover the mysterious secret of Firestorm before it is too late to save the world from its own destruction.

This action-packed, fantasy novel provides an exhilarating reading experience while informing students about authentic environmental issues currently facing our planet.

General Assessment

Recommendation of how and where to use it

This book would make an interesting addition to any high school science unit exploring sustainability and the environment.  The topic of bottom trawling, by-catch and the destruction of sea floor ecosystems are key subjects in the story.  Students could investigate this area in more detail by examining the impacts of trawling on Canadian fish species like Atlantic Cod.  Schools near fishing communities could invite fishermen to speak to the class about trawling impacts.  A class could create a "sustainable seafood" marketing campaign that encourages their community to only purchase responsibly sourced fish and shellfish.

A class could also conduct a case study of one of the ecosystems mentioned in the book such as a salt marsh.  Research could include using aerial photos to document changes over time within a local area, measuring abiotic and biotic factors, and assessing current and future threats to the site.  The case study could then become the basis of an action project where students work in partnership with community based organizations to restore local habitat.

Relevant Grades and Subjects

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Themes Addressed

  • Citizenship (1)

    • Sustainable Consumption
  • Ecosystems (3)

    • Appreciating the Natural World
    • Endangered Species
    • Habitat Loss
  • Land Use & Natural Resources (1)

    • Fisheries
  • Water (1)

    • Marine Environments