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Climate Change Dodgeball

Secondary, Middle


Climate Change Dodgeball is a fast-paced game to show how increasing greenhouse gases causes global warming.

In this game, students will be divided into 2 groups. Students inside the circle are Earth and wear blue bibs. Those forming the circle will wear green bibs and are greenhouse gases. There should be twice the number of students inside the circle. One student is the Sun and throws bean bags, that represent rays, at the Earth. The Earth students throw them back out and the greenhouse gases try to intercept so they cannot leave the circle. Once the game is over, students will play it again but this time there will be more greenhouse gases students due to human activity.

The resource provides some discussion points to enhance the learning.

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This active game can be used to scaffold students’ scientific understanding of the greenhouse effect and global warming and prompt discussion on how our actions can make a difference.

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  • Climate Change