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Climate Change Scavenger Hunt



Following an in-class discussion of climate change basics, students participate in a scavenger hunt designed to help them learn more about their local environment.  While the focus of this outdoor activity is on teamwork and developing leadership skills, some attention is given to reinforcing those climate change concepts introduced at the beginning of the lesson.

The activity can be conducted in the schoolyard, a nearby park or other natural area that offers some variation in its living and physical features.  In teams of three or four, students complete the scavenger hunt by finding specific items, completing given tasks, and answering a climate change question at three different sites.

The resource includes a primer on climate change as well as scavenger hunt lists and instructions for students.

General Assessment

What skills does this resource explicitly teach?

A focus of this activity is developing teamwork and leadership skills.

Recommendation of how and where to use it

The scavenger hunt could serve as a worthwhile Earth Day activity.  The resource also offers an outdoor learning opportunity in support of lessons addressing leadership, climate change and local history.

Relevant Curriculum Units

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Themes Addressed

Air, Atmosphere & Climate (1)

  • Climate Change