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Outdoor Learning & Upcoming Webinars

More and more, educators are understanding the benefits of extending classroom learning outside for student well-being, engagement and enhanced learning. 

Now, in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor learning is more important than ever; health experts and researchers are recommending more time outside as a critical piece to sending students back to school safely. 

LSF has always supported outdoor learning as a tool for sustainability and inquiry education. We have collected some excellent resources to help you take the first steps outside! 

LSF Resources for Outdoor Learning

PD Webinars on Outdoor Learning & More!

LSF's 90-minute webinars for educators cover a range of topics from getting started with outdoor learning to integrating the UN SDGs into your teaching. No matter your level of expertise, our facilitators will have valuable tools and resources for you and give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share your own ideas!

Check out our 2022/2023 webinars here!

Outdoor Activities on R4R

Using the "Resource Type" field in the R4R search, you can find outdoor activities that are connected to your grade and jurisdiction. We have outdoor activities for every age and every season! 

NEW: Compendium of Outdoor Learning Resources

Learning Inside Out

Developed in response to COVID-19 school closures, Learning Inside Out is a weekly collection of high-quality learning activities that are easy for teachers or parents to implement. There is a strong emphasis on outdoor activities. The series will continue for the 2020/2021 school year. 

Step Outside Nature Guides

Step Outside guides, published 2-3 times per month, follow natural seasonal happenings and help you bring nature into your classroom and your classroom out into nature. The guides detail specific flora, fauna and climate events that are easily observable in your neighbourhood, and classroom resource picks from R4R accompany each edition to help you extend the learning. 

Outdoor Learning: Getting Started Webinars

Check out our recorded "Getting Started" webinar sessions for each grade group:

If you are looking to purchase outdoor learning products  (e.g. dip nets, sit pads, field guides, magnifiers, etc.) visit Canada's Non-Profit Outdoor Learning Store where a portion of the proceeds of sales go to support outdoor learning non-profit organizations from across the country!

Outdoor Learning Tips

Nature as a Classroom - David Suzuki Foundation 

Excellent suggestions for how to connect to curriculum, tips for getting ready, advice for having classroom conversations about rules and addressing barriers, simple sample activities, etc.

Tips and Tricks for Taking Kids Outside - Green Teacher 

Presents several points to consider when children are taken outside for class. Tips relate to having clear expectations, practicing and modeling activities, and communicating strategically.

Classroom Management - Evergreen

Strategy suggestions for outdoor teaching

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Field Notes: A Teacher's Perspective - Evergreen

In this video, you hear from teachers and students about the benefits of getting outside.

Five Reasons to Teach Outside - Sir Ken Robinson

In this video, Sir Ken Robinson explains his top 5 reasons why taking learning outdoors is a good idea.

The Outdoor Classroom - Evergreen

Exploring the benefits to using the school grounds for learning.