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Professional Development on the topic of climate change provides teachers with the tools, techniques, resources  and real class examples that help provoke thinking and questions and support the development and implementation of climate change mitigation Action Projects.
LSF offers several climate change PD options: 
1-hr webinar
3-hr webinar
2-day Institute 
Check out our Institutes page for upcoming workshops, or request a workshop for your board/division/district orroup by emailing

Based on decades of experience and led by expert facilitators, LSF’s Professional Development (PD) workshops help educators transform their practice and link education to action in meaningful and engaging ways.

Our climate change workshops provide educators with resources, skills, tools, and strategies to engage learners effectively on this topic and support their students in taking action in their communities.

Our workshops occur in a variety of formats, designed to draw on the experiences and questions that educators are having about climate change, the way it's covered in schools, and how to foster understanding, motivate action, and inspire students to be interested and engaged in their learning.

Through the process of professional inquiry, we can evolve practice to help prepare students to come to terms with climate change, personally and as engaged citizens. 

Workshop Formats:

  • Online or in-person
  • Flexible timing – options for 1-3 hour, half-day, full-day, or multi-day workshops
  • Connect to any grade(s), subject(s) and curriculum
  • For any group of educators – schools, boards, teaching teams, subject associations, faculties of education, etc.
  • Using experiential methods to teach practical techniques for engaging your students
  • Topics can include sustainability and climate learning, outdoor learning, inquiry, learning through Action Projects, and more!
Check out our Professional Development page for upcoming workshops and webinars, or request a workshop for your group!