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What does Resources for Rethinking offer to publishers?

The Resources for Rethinking initiative aims to enhance the quality and scope of sustainability education resources by providing support to publishers via:

  • Resource Reviews

Available online, reviews include an assessment of the resource’s pedagogical approaches and sustainability education principles. Reviews also provide specific recommendations for strengthening the resource.

  • Publisher Workshops (Coming soon!)

Led by the Resources for Rethinking project team, publisher workshops will be a forum for sharing best practices in sustainability education and for networking with and learning from other resource publishers.

  • Gap Analyses

The gap analyses will identify themes, grades, and regions under-represented among available resources for publishers planning to create new resources and create a more comprehensive and balanced body of sustainability education resources.

  • Promotion of Sustainability Education Leaders

By providing links to the publisher’s website and resources, Resources for Rethinking showcases and publicises the tremendous work individuals and organisations in Canada and around the world are doing to advance sustainability education.

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How can I submit a resource to this database?

All sustainability education resources are professionally reviewed before being posted on the Resources for Rethinking site. If you wish to submit a resource for review, please contact us with the following information:

  • The resource title
  • Your name, or the name of your organization
  • Information on how to access the resource, e.g.
    • A web page from which the resource may be downloaded
    • A PDF copy of the resource, sent as an attachment to the email
    • A link to an online order form for the resource
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What types of resources are you looking for?

Sustainability education resources:

  • Are print, electronic, and/or audio-visual materials that teachers can use to facilitate engaging activities within the regular classroom setting – that is to say, without a special guest present to help facilitate;
  • Promote learning that integrates the ecological, social, and economic spheres;
  • Are published by non-profit organisations, government departments and agencies, teachers’ associations, commercial publishers, etc.
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How do I know if one of my resources has been reviewed?

The easiest way to find out if your resource has been reviewed is to search for it on the Resources for Rethinking site. If your resource has been recommended by our review team, then your resource should appear in the list of “hits”.

If you think your resource has been reviewed, but do not find it on the database, please contact us.

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How do I access a copy of the review of a resource I have published?

If your resource has been recommended by our review team, then you can access the review online. Once you locate your resource in the database, clicking on the resource title will bring you to the resource overview page. Scroll down to the bottom of that page, and you will find an option to “Read the full review”.

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What is the difference between the “Resource Overview” and the “Full Review”?

The “Resource Overview” page is designed primarily for teachers. Providing only a brief description of the resource and its strengths and weaknesses, this page allows teachers to quickly scan the sustainability education resources available.

The “Full Review” page is designed primarily for resource publishers. This page provides a full assessment of the resource’s pedagogical methods and an evaluation of the resource’s adherence to the principles of sustainability. The depth and comprehensiveness of the review on the “Full Review” page provide clear feedback to publishers wishing to enhance the quality of their resources.

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What if my resource is not recommended?

Resources not recommended by our professional review team are not posted on the Resources for Rethinking website.

If your resource is not recommended, we will send you a copy of the review outlining the resource’s strengths and weaknesses and identifying specific ways the resource could be improved. We welcome any re-submissions from publishers who have re-worked their resources in response to feedback from the Resources for Rethinking review team.

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Where can I find more information about the publisher workshops?

Publisher workshops will begin in fall 2007. Please stay tuned for details or contact us.

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I want to develop a new resource. Which themes, grades, or regions are lacking resources?

We will complete a gap analysis to identify sustainability themes, grades, and regions under-represented among available resources in January 2008. A full report will then be posted on the Resources for Rethinking site.

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