Hole In The 'Zone

Secondary, Middle


This two-lesson ESD resource explores the ozone layer, issues surrounding its depletion, the dangers related to  sun tanning/exposure to UV radiation, and the effectiveness of sunscreen products. 

Lesson One- Is Your Sun Screen Working? (3X60minutes)

Students visit the "Hole In The Zone" website and answer guiding questions concerning the ozone layer, UV radiation, and the causes and dangers of sunburn. They perform an experiment using UV sensitive bacteria to determine the effectiveness of different types of sunscreens. Students then write a summary of their results. Extension activities include creating information pamphlets explaining the dangers of tanning, tips on sun-safety and the different types of skin cancer & treatments.

Lesson Two- Creating a UV Warning Scale (3X60minutes)

After collecting information on the website, students answer questions relating to the ozone layer, its depletion and the problems that UV radiation can cause. They then use a variety of links to explore UV levels in their own area, the minutes of exposure required to cause skin damage, and the dangers of sun tanning. Students create colorful posters to inform the community of daily UV levels, the dangers of each level, and precautions to take to avoid excessive exposure. Students return to the website each day to find UV values and update their posters. Posters are displayed at school and in various locations in the community. They also keep journals to track these values and daily weather conditions. Suggested extension activities include investigating UV levels in other parts of Canada & the world and comparing them to conditions at home.  Students can also create informational pamphlets to encourage "ozone-healthy" behaviors.


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