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Project FLOW

Professional Development

Through Project FLOW, teachers can participate in professional learning workshops to develop their skills in facilitating action projects with their students. Participants will share opportunities and challenges facing teachers and students in implementing action projects. Tools, techniques and curriculum resources that support the development and implementation of action projects in the community will be explored. Workshops will be held across the country and there is no registration fee! The only catch is that we ask you to commit to implementing a water-based action project with your class once you get back to school.

Supplementary Documents

The supplementary documents listed below are designed with the intention of helping teachers implement water-related action projects.  Before teachers apply for funding, they should download and read the following:

  • Engaging Students in Sustainable Action Projects: ESSAP Guide
    This detailed guide helps teachers implement engaging action projects by outlining the process and various action-related activities. This guide also outlines the 11-step process that must accompany the comprehensive project.  
  • Water Unit Exemplar for Ontario
    This document shows teachers how to design an integrated unit with water as its thematic focus. This unit provides teachers with sample activities, lesson plans, and makes direct curriculum links to the Grade 8 Ontario Curriculum.    
  • Water Unit Exemplar for British Columbia
    This document provides teachers with a sample unit on water-related issues.  The sample unit provides educators with different activities, lessons, and makes direct curriculum connections. These sample units show the ways in which teachers can implement action-based projects.